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The Full Spectrum of Colored Pencil     

Colored Pencil Workshop with Dean Rogers  

When:  Feb 20 & Feb 27 @ 12 - 3 pm Each Day

Where:  AAWA Hdqrs, 4844 Jackson Road, Suite 100, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Cost:  $60/Members - $70/Non-Members

Learn to use Colored Pencils like you never thought possible! In this class, various techniques in layering, burnishing, and blending will be demonstrated. Students will learn to focus on highlight and shadow effects, and how they apply to the different elements of still life, landscape, and portraiture.

Many topics will be discussed, such as the best tools to use, secrets and tips of the trade, photo reference, composition, and mechanical drawing, as well as digital editing. Projects include beginner, intermediate, and advanced, including this cat portrait piece! And students are also welcome to bring a drawing of their own that they would like help with!

Drawing Workshop Series with Nick Reszetar      

#1  The Figure and Anatomy Workshop

When:  3 Days:  March 1, 8, & 15 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm Each Day

Where:  AAWA Hdqrs, 4844 Jackson Road, Suite 100, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Cost:  $175/Members - $185/Non-members

Class Description:  This course is an introduction to and continuation of the depiction of the human form through observational drawing, emphasized on artistic anatomy as it relates to the live model. In this course we will employ gesture drawing, sighting for accurate proportions of the figure, precise linear construction, anatomy, physiognomy, mechanics and overall structure to increase knowledge and skill in drawing the human body in art. This information, combined with the formal elements of drawing (such as, but not limited to, line, value, mass, volume, perspective, space and composition), will be used to create skillful anatomical investigations of the figure through objective observation.  A suggested materials list will be provided, but students may choose their preferred drawing mediums and surfaces. It is recommended that students have some experience in drawing the figure.   

Class Objectives:  Students are tasked to work intensively in a three-week session, once per week expanding, invigorating, or rejuvenating their experiences in art making through the process of drawing from the nude model. They are encouraged to explore mediums, form and ideas and take what they learn here into their current studio practices.  And since drawing is the foundation of all art and design, much of what we study will be applicable across disciplines.There will be a central set up with the model placed in a dynamic visual environment.  The work can be life sized and you are encouraged to make at least one major piece while possibly working on a number of studies in conjunction.  There will be ongoing instruction, dialogue and critique.  Participants will have the opportunity to reach an extraordinary level of commitment.  The workshop is designed to address drawing as a direct language for exploration of the human form and an immediate route to enriched understanding of the visual and creative experience.

Class Materials:  Click Here to Open PDF


#2  Investigating the Portrait Workshop

When:  3 Days: April 5, 12, & 19 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm Each Day

Where:  AAWA Hdqrs, 4844 Jackson Road, Suite 100, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Cost:  $175/Members - $185/Non-members

Class Description:  Join us as we learn to make the richest portraits we can through the creative and exploratory act of drawing.  Learn portraiture in monochrome from anatomical studies and live models.  Portrait anatomy, proportions, physiognomy and features will be discussed, as will the formal aspects of light and value, mark-making, materials and processes.  Charcoal, and graphite will be the primary mediums, but students may also work with what they are familiar with or want to learn more about.  Emphasis will be placed on understanding the realistic portrait as a foundation for expressive explorations. The work of historical and contemporary professionals will be presented for inspiration, and critiques will be frequent.

Class Objectives:  Upon successfully completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Create fluid portrait drawings that explore individual identity.
  • Apply standard measurement systems to understand accurate proportions.
  • Show awareness of anatomical structure and its relationship to surface form.
  • Understand how to build a true likeness.
  • Employ essential monochromatic drawing mediums.
  • Gain the tools to further investigate portraiture independently and in future classes.

Session 1:  Standard and Acute Proportions. The skull.
Session 2:  Value and the planes of the head.
Session 3:  Developing a complete monochromatic portrait.

Class Materials:  Click Here to Open PDF



Life Drawing (uninstructed)

Tuesday Evenings - 6:00-9:00 pm, September-October 
The Studio: Where Art Happens –  2725 Packard Road, Suite 202, Ann Arbor

Sign up for a month at a time: $40 for 4 sessions / $30 for 3 
Drop-in rates:  $15 for 4 hours / $8 for 2 hours 
Sign up/Inquiries: please contact Philip Painter

Thursday Afternoons - 1:00-4:00 pm, September-October
AAWA Studio –  4844 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor

Sign up for a month at a time: $40 for 4 sessions / $30 for 3
Drop-in rates:  $15 for 4 hours / $8 for 2 hours 
Sign up/Inquiries: please contact Boklyek Kim

Plein Air Painting Sessions – AAWA artists meet monthly to paint/draw outdoors in various local beauty spots. Sessions normally begin at 10am and end when you’re done. Bring lunch, art materials, and whatever the weather calls for. Come paint/draw, have lunch, have fun, and follow this great art tradition. Consult our blog, newsletters, and emailed announcements for upcoming sites. For more information, or to to be added to the Plein Air email list, contact Nancy Murray or Sue Craig (see member directory for contact info).

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