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    • 02/17/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • AAWA Hdqrs, 4844 Jackson Road, Suite 100, Ann Arbor
    Darcel Deneau works daily in her studio and is actively involved in the Detroit art community. She currently serves as chairman of the board for the Detroit Artists Market, (DAM), and she is a member of the alumni council for the College for Creative Studies, (CCS). Darcel has exhibited in numerous juried and curated exhibitions, including 11 solo shows. Much of her current work is mosaic scenes.
    • 03/16/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • AAWA Hdqrs, 4844 Jackson Road, Suite 100, Ann Arbor

    In her neighborhood, Barbara learned at a very young age that everything can be reused. Every object has more than one life, more than one story to tell. Her sculpture begins when she discovers an object with a story to tell.

    It can be a castoff kitchen spoon or a washed up piece of driftwood, something that would be viewed as debris with no intrinsic value left. She then sculpts pieces that will capture the essence of that story.

    • 04/20/2020
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • AAWA Hdqrs, 4844 Jackson Road, Suite 100, Ann Arbor

    Katie Hammond earned her BFA from University of Michigan in 2004 and MFA in Painting and Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. Following graduation, she exhibited widely in Chicago, including shows at EXPO Chicago, Western Exhibitions, LVL3, Heaven Gallery, and Riverside Arts Center.

Past Events

01/20/2020 Speaker: Mary Bajcz
11/30/2019 Art Pick Up
11/29/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/28/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/27/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/26/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/25/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/24/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/23/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/22/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/21/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/20/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/19/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/18/2019 Speaker: Sophie Gillet
11/18/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/17/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/16/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/15/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/14/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/13/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/12/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/11/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/10/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/09/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/08/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/07/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/06/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/05/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/04/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/03/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/02/2019 Fall Exhibit
11/01/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/31/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/30/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/29/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/28/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/27/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/26/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/25/2019 Art Reception
10/24/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/23/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/22/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/21/2019 Speaker: Durwood Coffey
10/21/2019 Fall Exhibit
10/20/2019 Artwork Delivery Juried Exhibit
10/02/2019 Juried Exhibit Notification
09/25/2019 Exhibit Submissions Close
09/16/2019 Speaker: Robert Perrish
09/15/2019 Fall Mixer
09/04/2019 Juried Exhibit Submission
07/26/2019 Summer Exhibit
07/25/2019 Summer Exhibit
07/20/2019 Summer Exhibit
07/19/2019 Summer Exhibit
07/18/2019 Summer Exhibit
07/13/2019 Summer Exhibit
07/12/2019 Art Reception
07/11/2019 Summer Exhibit
07/06/2019 Summer Exhibit
07/05/2019 Summer Exhibit
05/25/2019 AAWA Field Trip
05/19/2019 Annual Meeting
04/15/2019 Speaker: Amy Ferguson
03/18/2019 Speaker: Tony Roko
02/20/2019 Colored Pencil Workshop with Dean Rogers
02/18/2019 Speaker: Denise Willing-Booher
01/21/2019 Speaker: Dean Rogers
11/19/2018 Speaker: Pat Langner
11/17/2018 Prep Images Wksp
10/15/2018 Speaker Program: Joe Mazzola
09/17/2018 Speaker Program: Pamela Day
09/17/2018 Board Meeting
09/16/2018 Fall Mixer
08/23/2018 Life Drawing
08/21/2018 Life Drawing
05/18/2018 AAWA Committee and Board Art Show Reception

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