Ann Arbor Women Artists: Programs, Exhibits, Education

Executive Board of Directors

  • President:  Kathy Hiner
  • Vice President:  Carol Evert
  • Treasurer:  Virginia Wait
  • Secretary:  Elizabeth Wilson

Board of Directors & Committees

Communications: Barbara Goodsitt

  • Historian: Joyce Bailey
  • Newsletter (PDF & Print): Kirsten Weis
  • Publicity: Barbara Goodsitt
  • Social Media: Patricia Davenport
  • Weekly Emails: Bonnie Wylo

Education: Sarah Merkle

  • Community Engagement: Elizabeth Wilson
  • Life Drawing: Boklye Kim & Philip Painter
  • Plein Air: Nancy Murray & Sue Craig
  • Programs: Bob Wesley & Sophie Grillet
  • Workshops: Sarah Merkle

Exhibits: Lynne Schaffer and Jean Canavan

  • Juried Exhibits: Lynne Schaffer, Jan Fleming & Kathe Suddendorf
  • Non-Juried Exhibitions: 
       Joe & Rosie’s Coffee: Rose Bradley & Tom Rosenbaum
       Joe & Rosie’s Creamery: Jean Canavan
       Juicy Kitchen:
    Debbie Grifka
       Sweetwaters (Washington St): Shirley Bevonese & Sue Cutler
       Sweetwaters (Liberty St): Shirley Bevonese & Sue Cutler
       Womens Center: Lesli Weston

Membership: Mary Murphy

  • Membership: Mary Murphy
  • Social (Event Food & Setup): TBD

Operations: Lidia Kaku and Amparo Tello

  • Bylaws: Elizabeth Wilson
  • Venue Building Manager: Lidia Kaku
  • Venue Classroom Manager: Amparo Tello
  • Website/Blog: Dee Overly, Meg Daupan, Christine Hutchins, Joan Miller & Nancy Warner

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  4844 Jackson Road     Suite 100
  Ann Arbor, MI  48103

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About Us

The purpose of the AAWA is to stimulate creative expression and sharing among its members in order to continually raise the quality of the art produced.

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