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Judith Bemis


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Judith's current work is principally in oils and is inspired by two very different places and people. For the past six years, much of her work has centered on the refugees she has known since 2002 who live in a remote jungle location in Ghana, West Africa. She has traveled with her church to Krisan Sanzule UNHCR Refugee camp on eight different trips. She has been struck by the courage and strong faith in God that has sustained them through wars, experiencing violence and atrocities that have left them profoundly traumatized but stronger in their belief that, "God is good and He is in control."

Running for their lives from the wars in neighboring West African countries, the refugees are warehoused in this isolated location in Ghana, waiting for some positive event to bring them relief from the continued trauma, discrimination, unemployment, and near starvation. "My wish is that through my paintings I am able to convey something of who they are. I hope to tell their stories so they are not forgotten."

More recently she has begun a series of oil paintings of the people and places outside Ann Arbor in rural Webster Township, where her home and studio are located. She continues to respect both worlds while sometimes having difficulty in reconciling the contrasts between the two. She was employed in many years as a clinical social worker, and is most interested in painting people, because people have been her life's work.

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